Dog Rescued From Hoarder Had Never Wagged Her Tail & Kept Shaking Violently

Blossom was one of the 160 dogs rescued from a detestable hoarding situation. The 3-year-old had lived all her life in a cramped cage and had never experienced the outside world whatsoever. She was clueless about human love or the idea of being a beloved pet, which totally damaged her mental well-being and ruined her sanity around humans.

Blossom would shake violently in her kennel and the very sight of a human would freak her out. She was assigned as a foster to Rocky Kanaka, an experienced foster dad. However, Rocky felt completely powerless while dealing with Blossom’s extremely frozen body language and shut-down behavior.

For days, Blossom couldn’t function normally due to her terrified demeanor. She was scared of basic things like the sunlight and grass. She hated eye contact with humans and animals alike and hiding behind the table became her one unhealthy coping mechanism. Rocky was frustrated as this went on for months, till he finally decided to do something wild.

Rocky knew Blossom felt compelled to hide, so he began helping her doing so. He removed the table and transformed her hiding spot into a dome-like flowery bedroom filled with comforts. Blossom was free to hide all she wanted while Rocky resolved to stop bothering her.

The little castle home became a safe abode for Blossom. She would sit shielded in there all day and observe her foster siblings going about their life. Little by little, she crawled out of her cave on her own and began participating in normal doggie things. With every small achievement, like drinking out of the doggie bowl for the first time, Rocky made sure to act cool and nonchalant so as not to alarm Blossom.

Watch this video till the end to see how those layers and layers of trauma-induced walls break down for Blossom. Her shyness turns to curiosity and her loving heart replaces her indifference bit by bit – right until the precious moment she chooses to wag her tail for the first time and run free! Blossom has now embraced her second chance with gusto and she is living it up like a pampered princess with her forever mommy!