Dog Risks His Life Biting Poisonous Snake to save His Owner and Smiles Innocently Before ‘Leaving Life’

The innocent smile of a dog that risked its life to bite a poisonous snake to save its owner seemed to want to say: ”Praise me, I did a good job, didn’t I?”

There are many stories about the love and sacrifice of dogs for their owners that have shaken the world. And recently, another story about that wonderful love has once again brought tears to thousands of people.

Jeco Macs, the owner of Moana, recounted this story on his personal Facebook. He was watching TV when he heard Moana barking in the yard, then saw the dog try to bite and pull a cobra from the bottom of the stairs.

Macs quickly killed the snake, relieved that the whole family was saved thanks to Moana’s efforts. At first, he did not know that the dog had been bitten by a snake, and even proudly recounted Moana’s feat on social networks.

“Moana, I love you. You are a hero! You save your family. Cherish your dogs because they are very intelligent and can risk their lives to save you. Because they love you more than life. their lives”.

The attached photo shows Moana smiling with a dead snake. However, just a few minutes later, this dog suddenly died. The joy did not take long to turn into mourning for the unfortunate dog. The cobra’s venom quickly claimed Moana’s life before the owner’s family could get it to the vet.

Immediately, this article received strong attention from the online community. At the present time, it has more than 46,000 shares, 48,000 likes and 18 thousand comments expressing admiration and emotion at the brave heart of the little dog.

To prevent the cobra from entering the house, which can attack everyone in the family at any time, the dog sacrificed himself to confront the dangerous reptile. As a result, after a while of fighting, the other snake was destroyed, but the dog couldn’t avoid the snake’s powerful poison that was seeping deep into the body.

The image of the owner capturing the moment his little dog wags his tail happily in the last moment of his life, before he closes his eyes and dies forever is truly heartbreaking.

This brave little dog named Moana is a cross between a Shi Tzu and a Chihuahua, and as of the day she sacrificed herself to save her owner, Moana was not even a year old.

Although they are not of the same species, cannot understand each other’s language, but this love is no different from family love. It is the love that people have for this loyal animal that touches their hearts, making them understand that the people who take care of them are their family.

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