Dog Thought Rescuers Wanted To Hurt Her, Tried To Be Invisible In A Stable

Sidewalk Specials stepped in and cleared out a euthanasia list, and when they arrived to get the dogs, they were hiding in a stable. And that’s where they met Lemming.

The poor girl was trying to be invisible over in the corner. The dog was starving and mange-ridden and thought rescuers were there to hurt her.

Rescuers took the girl to Vet Point for a checkup, and all the while they wondered how they’d be able to home such a scared and timid dog. But they eventually found a couple willing to foster Lemming and give her the chance at life she needed! It was then they learned that the dog knew how to shake; the one and only thing her original owner had taught her.

These foster parents fell in love with Lemming and decided to keep her forever! Now in her forever home, Lemming felt comfortable and loved. Her true personality started coming through, and she acted like a completely different dog! Most of the time, rescues just need that second chance at life.

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