Dog With Mouth Tied By Metal Wire Escapes From Dog Slaughterhouse

Some people are heartless and heartless towards our animal friends. Due to their meanness, some little dogs like Balboa risk their lives. Thankfully, this puppy’s story has a happy ending.

Another story that shows the cruelty behind the consumption of dog meat. A man was driving through the city when he came across a sad scene. A dog with its mouth tied by a metallic thread. In short, he concluded that he was a survivor. This is the practice used in dogs that will be slaughtered.

The animal, who knows how, escaped. But it wouldn’t last long on the streets, because it wouldn’t be able to feed itself. The man and some friends searched for about six hours. Finally, they located the dog in need, who was afraid of people.

His mouth was very sore, as the thread cut the skin. Therefore, they had to resort to a treatment with antibiotics and painkillers.

Dog with mouth tied was saved

The men who rescued the dog named him Balboa. That’s because we’re talking about a real fighter. He underwent a delicate procedure to remove the thread. Undoubtedly, Balboa went through moments of terror and feared to return to the place from which he had fled.

In conclusion, everything worked out. Not only was he saved, he would be sent to a home. Therefore, fate would be much better than the past outside.

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