Dog With Two Broken Legs Left With Nothing But Some Rotten Food

When rescuer Shafi Taru discovered this dog in such pain her heart was devastated. The miserable pooch was lying with cloth near her to keep her cozy and some food.

Shafi wondered how people could act so cruelly to dogs. To throw away a dog in such a terrible condition on the street wasn’t placed in her brain. However, the kind-hearted woman knew how to change the life of the dog.

She brought her to the veterinary clinic where it turned out that her back legs have been barged in three various places. That’s why the poor dog was lying without any movement.

Shafi began her treatment and soon the dog felt much better. At first, she was a bit shy but with the help of shafi the dog felt what meant to be a pet.

Don’t throw your pets to the street in such helpless and miserable conditions there are several other options better for both you and your pet.

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