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Dogs Being Sterilized?

"Population explosion" - you know, it's a global problem and affects livestock welfare issues. Spaying is a good solution to keep the "population" down and also help your pet stay healthy and live longer. 

“Population explosion” – you know, it’s a global problem and affects livestock welfare issues. Spaying is a good solution to keep the “population” down and also help your pet stay healthy and live longer.

1. Reduce the number of homeless dogs

You can easily spot a stray dog or a few abandoned dogs as you walk through vacant lots, markets, etc. In the United States, there are an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals. each year and only a quarter of these find new owners. Sounds “shuddering”, doesn’t it?
Reduce the number of homeless dogs
Reduce the number of homeless dogs
Dogs are homeless, not only because wild dogs proliferate, but sometimes they were once domestic dogs, but they are no longer accepted by their owners, or even thrown away. On average, in the United States alone, more than 2.7 million healthy dogs are abandoned and die alone each year. The best way to minimize this is for dogs being sterilized.

2. Refrain from bad behavior

In male dogs, the number of unneutered dogs often urinates everywhere for “marking”, which has caused quite a lot of trouble for their owners. Sterilization can reduce the condition or end it altogether. In dogs too, you need to neuter them starting at 4 months old, this will reduce the load of up to 90% of the “pee marks” of the dog guys. In addition, they will also be less likely to cry – as they are called male animals, ask to leave the house at night, and fight less – true for both male and female dogs.

3. Cost saving

Have you ever sat down and recalculated the amount of money you need to raise a dog? What if the “population” of your dog increased to about 5-10 children? Instead of spending a large amount of money, you can completely save that money in the long run. Not to mention, in developed countries, each dog raised at home needs a separate fostering license. Requires vaccinations and sterilization of all types. But the cost in such countries, you know!

4. For your own pet’s health!

An article in USA Today published a study that found that spayed pets live longer than the rest. According to the report, spayed male dogs live 18% longer than unneutered male dogs. Spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unneutered female dogs. The report added that Mississippi is said to have the lowest pet life expectancy because 44% of animals here are not spayed.
For your own pet's health
For your own pet’s health
In addition to increasing life expectancy, spayed dogs are also more likely to avoid the risk of various types of cancer. Especially uterine inflammation, inflammation of the reproductive system in female dogs. In male dogs, they will avoid diseases such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer…
The bottom line: neutering pets has many benefits and is the only way for pets to reduce the “population boom” that is dogs being sterilized.

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