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Dogs Were Tied Out To A Log For Two Years As A Nail Loomed From Above

A couple of dogs named Ratty and Batty were discovered tied outside to a log for a very unsafe and inhumane life. A protruding nail in the log above their heads was just one example of the terrible neglect they suffered. They always tried their best when approached to act aggressive, but in reality they were just scared and hungry, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The rescuers would work to gain their trust by handing them food, and it ended up working! Now, it was time to remove the wires from their necks that cut into their skin. This was the first step to their long-awaited freedom after having been abused for so long.

The two pals were adopted out separately, but their new moms became friends so that Ratty and Batty could still go on playdates and see each other! Watch in the video below as the now-named Otis and Benji go to the beach together and live it up with their loving humans.

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