Following the owner to visit his mother’s grave, the puppy’s next action made people unbelievable

A dog named Jenky in the story below is a typical example. Since his owner died, he seems to be aware of that and has special actions.

Recently, on social media, nathan phan (account of Thien Khanh) shared a heartwarming story about his dog-Jenky, also a member of his family. He took his dog to visit his mother’s grave, who was raised and been close to Jenky before.

That is the first time Thien Khanh took his dog to visit his mother’s grave. Jenky’s actions when he met his paternal grandfather (Thien Khanh’s mother) deeply touched his heart. He said, “As soon as he arrived, he ran to my mom’s grave. I don’t know if he understood anything, but his eyes were very sad, tears kept flowing, making me feel sad too.”

Thien Khanh added: “Jenky is like a true member of my family. I adopted him from an early age, he is 6 years old now. When my mother was still alive, Jenky was very close to her, clung to her all day long and never left a step.

Recalling memories, Thien Khanh confided: “Jenky once experienced a very dangerous disease that seemed impossible to save. At that time, my mother and I were afraid that he would not be able to overcome this challenge.I did not leave him for a second because I was afraid he would leave without warning. Whenever I hugged him, I would cry again.” A long time has passed but Thien Khanh will never forget that moment, the moment his whole family accompanied Jenky when he faced death.

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