Gentle giant dog caged for 6-years gets her first cheeseburger

Stacey Pettit from Rescue & RemEMBERone day found a dog who lived in terrible conditions. The poor dog had been living in a small crate for 6 years.

Next to the dog was another one too. Their names were Angelica and Spud. When they were taken to the shelter Amy Crels from Knine Rescue Inc. couldn’t stop her tears. Their smell was horrible and the woman and others at the shelter were very concerned. However, they cared very well about the dogs and soon they looked better. Spud was smaller than Angelica and was adopted after a few weeks.

But the adoption was more difficult for Angelica. One day Amy took her on a car drive. She was very nervous as the poor dog had been in a crate for a very long time. However, Amy did everything so that the dog would feel better. She took her to the yard where she played with another dog. She even bought a cheeseburger for her. There Angelica found her future owners. Kind people came and asked Amy about the dog. Soon they adopted the dog and she had a warm and forever home.

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