Guy Accidentally Leaves His Front Door Open, Gets ‘Chosen’ By A Stray Dog Who Walked In At Night

The majority of people get a pet after long consideration, planning and a drive to the local shelter, writes boredpanda

Then they spend some time getting to know their four-legged companion and if things go well, the lucky pet becomes a member of the family. However, some people have completely different stories to tell of how they were introduced to their pets and Jack Jokinen from Fishtown, Philadelphia may have the most unique one.

Recently a man named Jack Jokinen created a wholesome Twitter thread after a mystery puppy appeared in his home

Last week, Jack shared a wholesome incident on his Twitter account. On a Saturday morning, he was woken up by his wife saying that there’s an unknown dog in his house. “When we found Suzy it was a combination of scared and confused. We had no idea how she got here and worried someone was in our house. She was scared and shaking from being wet and cold,” Jack told Bored Panda.

The man proceeded to check the doors and windows which were all closed. Clearly, something was off. Where did this mystery puppy come from? Well, the only way to figure it out was to check the security cameras. That’s what Jack did and it turned out that the adorable puppy didn’t just appear out of thin air.

The video showed that Jack, who recently became a father, forgot to properly close his front door which was left wide open during the night. Here’s what happened next: a stray, injured and malnourished puppy was lumping down the street during the cold night and noticed an open door to the warm house. The puppy didn’t shy away from inviting herself in. Then a thoughtful stranger walked by and closed the door, unknowingly locking the dog inside and making her a member of the new family.

When Jack found the dog, he realized that she needs urgent help and took her to the vet. It was confirmed that the 8-year-old stray has no chip, is severely malnourished and injured. “Suzy has a heart murmur, hook worn, infected paws, pad damage and atrophy in one of the legs from it being so damaged. She needs a bunch of dental work but is very underweight so we need to get her weight up and have some tests to make sure she can be put under for procedures.”

Surely, Jack knew that somebody has to take good care of this dog and instead of surrendering her to the shelter, he welcomed the new pup into his home. He named the lucky dog Suzy who now lives with Jack’s family and another dog George. “We decided to adopt her because she had no owner, and our first dog George has brought us so much joy, we could imagine just putting her in the system,” he said.

“She has been great with our family, including our baby. She is very sweet and just wants to be loved. Suzy is on the mend and getting better every day. Her body is filling out and she is on antibiotics to treat some of her problems. Shes got a long road ahead but is on the way,” Jack told us.

He constantly updated people on the situation and told them that he’s adopting the puppy.

The wholesome story quickly went viral with many people left in awe of this lucky coincidence which saved Suzy’s life. However, the family was left with a hefty $1000 bill after the vet visit and are asking people for donations. You can donate via Jokinen’s Venmo account and PayPal account.

“The twitter thread took a life of its own. I never expected it to turn into this but Suzy is now the internets dog. People have donated about $18k towards Suzy’s medical bills. We hope they arent that high and we can take the remaining funds to donate to a worthwhile cause.”

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