Having gone out one morning to feed a colony of local stray cats, a kind-hearted woman finds a badly injured cat who needs immediate help

She tried to approach him, however, it was clear he had little trust for humans, but, he was also hungry.

When the kind-hearted woman laid down some soft food, the injured cat just couldn’t resist.

This was when she saw the horrible extent of his injuries.

His left paw was badly crushed, and worse still, there was the smell of rotten flesh.

His desperation for food was so deep he even allowed her to briefly touch him.

It was clear that this boy was not long for this world, so a rescue attempt needed to be organized ASAP!

A cat carrier was organized by the kind-hearted lady’s friend, and Mikey, as he was named, was easily lured within.

He was taken to the largest vet clinic in Bulgaria where his rescuers received the worst news. Mickey had Feline HIV, and the vets refused to treat him. However, they did offer to put him to sleep!

As Mikey was still fighting for his life the girls refused to give up on him and brought him to another vet where he was examined and quickly hospitalized.

What became clear was that Mikey had not lost his appetite in any way shape or form. Two weeks later better news came in the form of the vet’s opinion that Mikey’s foot might have been saved.

When the girls were able to visit him they found there was no longer the smell of rotting flesh, and Mikey had put on weight.

Though he was still fearful of humans, he can barely tolerate being touched, so there is a chance he can be socialized.

The girls aren’t angry with his standoffish attitude, they are just happy that Mikey was saved!


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