He Couldn’t Walk And Was About To Be Put Down, Woman Makes Final Plea

After this dog was seriously injured, no one had much hope for him. He had a head injury that caused his whole body to tremble. His tremors made movement near impossible.

At first, everyone thought it would be best to put him down but one woman insisted she could get him to walk again. No one had much faith but they agreed to give it a chance. The woman knew that with daily physical therapy, lots of patience and lots of praise, there was hope.

Every day, she and the dog would practice moving around. She encouraged him to do his best. With all her positivity, the other dogs couldn’t help but gather around too and cheer them on.

Bit by bit, the dog made progress. He couldn’t walk to his food bowl to eat nor could he go to the bathroom on his own, but with persistence, he made tremendous strides.

In several weeks, he was able to play with his new friends. Sure, he couldn’t run as fast but his big heart didn’t stop him from trying!

In two months, the dog was unrecognizable! The other volunteers came to see him. They couldn’t get over his transformation. They praised the woman, and the dog too! They changed their minds about their outlook. If someone was willing to put in the time and the dog wasn’t suffering, they will gladly give the next dog the same option.

Rescuing animals is so important but it’s what happens next that is the real icing on the cake!

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