He Finally Smiles When The Last Dog In The Shelter Goes Home

Capsone, a shelter dog, spent several years there. He had been roaming for seven years, unable to locate his owners who had abandoned him. Many of the animals in the shelter with him formed bonds.

However, these were puppies and little canines that were rather easy to adopt. He did track down his owners a few years ago, but he only stayed for a year before being returned to the shelter.

The dog first refused to communicate with anyone, but his trust in the shelter staff eventually grew. The shelter personnel tried for a long time to find him a home.

His images were frequently circulated on social media, and their efforts eventually paid off. The couple decided to give the dog up for adoption. When they arrived to the shelter to fetch him up, they had even prepared a medallion with her name on it.

Capsone’s capacity to adjust to new settings worried the shelter workers, but it was clear from the first meeting that the dog greeted his new owners with open arms.

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