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He wandered the streets malnourished, hairless and very sick, his hero looked at him and broke

The stories of abandonment are more heartbreaking every day, but they have made it possible to make visible a problem that was previously taken as something “normal” for many. The daily complaints have also aroused the interest of more sensitive humans who now join or start foundations to help homeless animals.

One of the beneficiaries of these organizations is the beautiful Emilio, a dog whose physical and emotional state truly broke my heart and who managed to radically turn his situation around.

This little friend was found almost dying, while wandering the streets of the coastal city of Valparaíso, in Chile. His rescue was led by the protector of animal rights, David Fernández. This man became his hero.

This angel described Emilio’s condition as extreme. Fernández has made many rescues but perhaps none as significant as this furry one.

The damage that Emilio had suffered was evident and the man could not ignore his situation, so he decided to rescue him.

”He was wandering in the port of Valparaíso, malnourished, full of scabies, lesions and fungus. He was not well, he was limping. He was totally decalcified, he was bad. Days passed and no one took the case,” said Fernández.

Once he was taken off the streets, a tough recovery awaited Emilio and to achieve this he had to be transferred to the city of Santiago, the Chilean capital.

“It was unbelievable how much fungus this little dog had on his skin, bacteria and lesions. The first sanitary bath lasted almost an hour: I had almost no hair. It had a fringe of fur from the neck to the tail, the torso area and nothing else. Everything glued, full of specks, “explained the rescuer.

“I think that dog hadn’t eaten for a week or months,” Fernandez said.

Since his rescue, Emilio has shown to have a very good palate, as he devours almost everything he is given to eat. Without a doubt, a good diet and all the care and treatments that he has received have made a dent in the dog.

Today is a completely different dog.

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