He Was Exhausted After Becoming A Toy For The Children, Who Were Kicking Him. They Pulled Him With A Heavy Chain

The puppy was rescued in the city of Villahermosa, in Tabasco, Mexico, by the organization Caninos 911.
Animals are living beings that deserve the same respect for their integrity as any person. Many pets, however, are abandoned on the street to their fate due to irresponsible people who do not know how to deal with this furry, putting their lives in grave danger.

Animal abandonment is still a very present problem in today’s society, despite the many campaigns and laws that exist to prevent this situation from occurring . Fortunately, there are organizations dedicated to assisting animals abandoned on the street in finding a home where they will be appreciated.

That is the work carried out by Caninos 911 , an organization from the city of Villahermosa , in Tabasco , in southern Mexico , which recently reported on the rescue of a puppy that was suffering from animal cruelty. According to what he wrote on his Facebook page, the dog was in the possession of some children who mistreated him.

“This puppy is reported to us in Cárdenas , Tabasco (one of the municipalities with the highest rate of animal cruelty). Some children had it , patenting it and pulling it with that chain that weighs more than it. He was rescued by an angel , but he can’t keep him and doesn’t have the resources to take him to the vet,” he detailed in the post

“They report that he limps on his leg and complains of pain . He was admitted to the VETZ Veterinary Clinic , in Cárdenas, to be treated and evaluated . We are looking for a sponsor to help us pay for their expenses and a temporary or permanent home , “he added.

Luckily, the puppy quickly found a better place and left that life of aggression to which he was subjected . Many people on social networks harshly criticized everything this animal suffered.

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