He Was Left Hanging From A Door And Without Food For A Month By A Wealthy Family

There are people, who, to say the least, dishonor and disgrace us as a species. These are beings without the slightest compassion for other more vulnerable such as pets. And it is that indifference, cruelty and apathy towards them can cost them dearly. They have no voice, they cannot fend for themselves.

The case of Mateus, a dog left by his family hanging by his waist through the back door of their residence for an entire month , is shocking.

But, not only did he have to remain in such a humiliating and extreme situation, but during all that time he hardly ate food or water, for which he was seriously malnourished , on the verge of starvation.

“This poor dog was discovered by us in the back of a rich family’s house. His name is Mateus. When we found him, he was hanging out the back door of these powerful people,” the Paw Rescue organization reported.

Likewise, residents of the sector confirmed the time that the animal lasted in that state. They also said that none of them bothered to help him for fear of reprisals from the wealthy but inhumane family.

“Neighbors said the dog had been hanging there for over a month, during which time no one saw it being fed. Although they loved Mateus, they did not dare to save him for fear of a fight with the family,” the organization added.

By a miracle of Providence, Mateus managed to survive his torture for that endless month. His case became public and a group of animal rights activists managed to intervene just in time to prevent further harm to the canine.

The furry one was taken out of there and transferred to an emergency veterinary clinic to examine his health in depth and receive the corresponding medical care and treatment.

Fortunately, beyond the malnutrition it suffered and the undignified and brutal treatment it received, the little animal did not present any other serious affectation. Thanks to the good offices of the rescuers and veterinary team, he had no trouble recovering. He now enjoys a new family, which does give him all the attention and respect that every animal deserves .

“We are proud to have been able to help this innocent being to find a new opportunity for a better life. Today he is very happy with his new adoptive family, “they added from the pro-animal organization.

We will not get tired of repeating it: Having a pet demands the same responsibility as having a child. It is seen that not everyone is qualified for this task. There are still many out there who continue to bring pets into their homes, only to later make them live in disgrace, humiliation and precariousness.

Share this story with your loved ones. It does not matter if an animal is capable of reason, if they are capable of suffering, that is why we must consider them as our neighbors.

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