Heartbreaking Moment Loyal Dog Lies Next To Owner’s Body After He Was Killed By A Train

This is the heartbreaking moment a faithful dog lay beside the body of his owner who died after being hit by a train. The 57-year-old victim, named as Victor Reyna Vazquez, was drinking alcohol by the train tracks in Montemorelos, Mexico, in the early hours of the morning, according to a preliminary investigation.

But when paramedics arrived on the scene they were surprised to find the loyal pup lying beside Victor. It even had to be forcibly removed from the scene so his body could be moved from the tracks. Police and paramedics reported the dog tried to bite them when they removed it.

Local residents have claimed Victor was an alcoholic and his dog had accompanied him for years. Social media users have called for the owner-less pup to be adopted, rather than put into a shelter, but it’s unclear where the dog is currently living. Netizen ‘Marychuy Zamarron’ wrote: “We have a lot of things to learn from animals, and now I wonder who is more animalistic, them or us”.

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