Her Legs Broken by a Car Accident – She Runs Again After Being Rescued

There was a stray dog that got hit by a car. She was found dying on the road waiting for someone to help. Fortunately, a kind man came up in time. He managed to take the poor soul to a vet clinic.

She was taken to Yala Animal Hospital but her condition is so bad. Her legs are terribly broken. They immediately prepared for her surgery to fix up the fractured.

They put metal implants and used the casts to help heal the broken bone. It’s so heartbroken and her entire body was in so much pain. Despite her pain, she was so trusting.

She still wags her tail and she knew she’s safe. She started learning to walk on day 10. Her recovery was so amazing. Finally, she’s fully recovered and found her forever home.

She’s healthy, runs, and walks again normally. She will live a happy life and never back to suffering again. Thanks for the help of everyone for giving her a second chance.

Watch the video to know more about this adorable dog

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