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How to Bathe a Dog Clean

Learn about the steps to give your dog a clean, fragrant bath at home and the notes you need to know when bathing your dog.

In the process of raising a dog, bathing a dog clean is always important, bathing a dog not only brings a lovely, clean, fragrant appearance but also prevents many skin diseases for the dog. However, do you know how to properly bathe a dog? Today’s article Begy will guide you to do this.
Instructions on how to bathe your dog at home that you need to know
Instructions on how to bathe your dog at home that you need to know

Why should you bathe your dog?

The weather is quite harsh, the temperature of dogs is not the same as that of humans, so the heat tolerance is quite poor. So bathing dogs is also a way for them to be comfortable and relaxed. Especially when the weather is in the summer.
In hot and humid climates, parasites, fleas, and dirt easily stick to their fur. Especially dogs with thick, ruffled fur, which can easily cause clumping and greasy hair. In addition, bathing dogs not only makes their fur smooth and clean but also avoids inflammatory skin diseases.

How often should a dog be bathed?

Bathing a dog depends on many factors such as environment, health status, coat type. Although we know that the purpose of bathing the dog is to be clean, if we are too clean, bathing the dog too much will greatly damage the outer skin barrier. Affects the appearance as well as reduces the shiny quality of the dog’s coat. In general, you should bathe your dog once a week, some special breeds have the following frequency:
  • Poodle breed: with oily and greasy coat, need to bathe more often than once a week
  • Beagles and Pugs: they have short and fluffy coats, you can bathe them twice a week.
  • Basenjis: they can take care of their coat so maybe twice a month
  • Alaska, husky, golden: regularly detangle and brush them to have a beautiful coat

How to bathe a dog and detailed instructions

Step 1: Prepare water to bathe the dog at a suitable temperature, neither too cold nor too hot, the temperature is 30-40 degrees Celsius. The height of the water level should only reach the dog’s thigh to avoid the dog being suffocated. Then you brush the dog’s coat to remove tangled hair, remove the cling film.
Step 2: Put a sufficient amount of dog soap in the palm of your hand, then gently apply, gently massage the entire body for your dog. Use your hands to gently scratch the body wash and remove dirt, then gently rinse with clean water. Avoid letting water splash over your head or get into your baby’s eyes and ears. Dog ears are very easy to accumulate moisture and cause inflammatory diseases, make sure you rinse all the soap on their body.
Step 3: Take the dog out of the bath, then gently dry the dog with a towel. Use a hairdryer to dry your baby’s hair. Avoid leaving water on for too long, which will lower the surface temperature of your dog’s skin and cause them to catch a cold.

How to bathe dogs and things to note

  • After bathing, brush the dog’s coat to help remove most of the excess hair, the body becomes more comfortable and gentle. In addition, it also has the effect of helping the baby have a more beautiful appearance.
  • Dogs with dermatitis, vaccination should not bathe them because it will affect the skin and internal body temperature, which will endanger their lives.
  • You should not use human body wash when bathing your dog because the inside contains acids that are not good for the pet’s skin.
  • In the process of bathing your dog, cuddle, praise, reward them to make them feel comfortable, and sit still for you to bathe.
  • After bathing, if they show signs of fever, shivering, refusing to eat,… Take them to the doctor immediately for treatment measures for your dog.
Tips for bathing dogs at home
Tips for bathing dogs at home

This article is information to help you know how to bathe your dog as well as notes when bathing your dog at home. Hope this article will answer your questions about how to bathe your dog. Let’s look forward to the necessary and interesting knowledge in Begy’s next articles!

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