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Keep your cat safe when windows open with 5 ways

Keep your cat safe when the screen window is open, you can’t help but worry if the cat gets too close to the edge. One wrong push with your paw can cause your cat to tumble out the window causing serious damage.

Always Close The Windows When You’re Not Home

Opening the door you will help the cat go out to face danger. Even if you’ve protected and reinforced your windows, it’s always safer to close them when you’re not at home. Closing the door keeps your cat safe and prevents them from wandering around.

When you go out you have peace of mind and don’t worry. Because cats like to be out of your sight, so before going anywhere, check the doors carefully.

Give Your Cat A Perch

By giving your cat a safe view of the outdoors. This gives the cat a place to rest as well as a safe haven. You can rest assured that this will limit dangerous animals to put in it. This is a great way to keep your cat safe and from getting in it.

Hire A Professional

If your wallet allows it and you own your home, consider hiring a professional to create custom window treatments to cats safety.

Those people with extensive knowledge and experience should understand this job. They only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and you can use that time to care for or bathe it.

Reinforce Screens From The Outside

If your window screen is relatively new and undamaged. You can try to reinforce it from the outside if possible. Use masking tape, screws, or nails to secure the screen in place and not to fall off the window easily.

These things the cat will not dare to go because it is not strong enough to do. You should check it every time you go out because it will get loose after long use. This makes it unsafe and the cat can easily run out if you don’t check it regularly,

Use Child-Proofing Tools

Using this, keep your cat safe can hardly play because their height affects a lot. This can reduce the danger and keep your cat safe if you are not at home and get through the bars. There are a myriad of window safety tools available online that aim to keep small children from falling out of windows.


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