“Lowly Mutt” With Permanent Wink Is Shunned By Owners At Dog Park, Mom Gets Even

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Hodu is a beautiful dog with an equally beautiful story. This sweet girl was seeking shelter in a bathroom at a gas station. No one knows exactly how she got there but she had a serious eye injury and needed medical attention immediately. She was scared, of course, but she was also happy that she was getting the care she needed by a kind-hearted Good Samaritan.

The vet decided to treat Hodu’s eye but not remove it. Hodu needed to have her eye removed, yes, but it was best to wait until she was fully grown. Once medically cleared, she was ready to go to a loving forever home. Hodu’s future mom heard all about the brave dog and wanted to meet her. They formed an instant connection. The adoption became official!

Hodu got settled into her new life. Hodu’s mom prepared for her future eye surgery. Nothing was going to deter the new happy family. It took a while for Hodu to adjust to her home but she worked hard to learn what being a dog was all about. And her mom worked hard to give her love and patience.

Hodu came a long way very quickly. And before long, she was full-grown and ready for surgery! Hodu did amazing and adjusted well to her new permanent wink. But then, something heartbreaking happened.

Hodu’s owner was determined to introduce Hodu to new friends. She took Hodu to one of the local dog parks. Hodu deserved to have fun, but instead, she was shunned by the other dog owners. She wasn’t accepted because she has one eye AND because she’s not an expensive purebred. That’s just crazy!

Luckily for Hodu, her owner was determined to expand Hodu’s social circle. Her owner started an internet page for Hodu to post photos of the amazing dog and her daily happiness. Hodu now has a fan base that exceeds 100,000 followers! Hodu’s fans send lots of gifts to her like cute clothes and outfits. Now Hodu spends her days dressed to impress while hanging out with her friends at the Ansan Dog Cafe! Hodu also has a sibling and they’re inseparable!

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