Loyal Dog Brought Food For Her Chained And Starving Beloved To Keep Him Alive

According to Rescue Paws Curaçao, foster Demi rescued these two sweethearts from a dump site yesterday . RPC is doing everything they can to help her . Demi the rescuer tells their story below;

“Today started like any other . Wake up, get ready for work, etc… Driving to work I pass by a popular dog dump spot (dead and alive) . This is where my own dog is from and I found 2 pups last week (Milli and Mia) . I regularly feed the packs of dogs that live there . I was looking for the brothers and a woman I regularly run into.

I approached the big feeder where they sit a lot lately, they weren’t there but I saw something different . I stopped my car and stepped out . There were 2 skinny dogs, a pile of bones . These must have been dumped recently, because I don’t know them and I just drove past them yesterday evening .

Demi said she saw this dog brought food to the other, maybeshe tried to save her friend.

1 of the dogs couldn’t move, so weak . He also had a chain around his neck, we were able to remove this one . We gave them food and water, luckily they adopted this .

I had to go to work but couldn’t think of anything else.. Showing the pictures at work and expressing my concerns . I was really afraid that someone else would find them and maybe didn’t want to give them a chance . They remind me so much of Finn and Kay . We also found Finn and Kay so thin and with a necklace around Kay’s neck .

Glad after a few hours at work they said go get them

I drove as fast as I could, wetsuit still on . Luckily, they were still . I was able to go straight to the vet . I asked the vet to be honest, because when they are very ill I can’t do much and they are simply just too weak . She did some research and concluded that they probably “only” have carpathian disease and are very malnourished .

She’s confident they can be saved . She gave them some shots with meds, tomorrow I have to go back for shots again. They can’t swallow oral pills in this condition, the stomach can’t handle that . We can feed them small quantities of chicken and rice a few times a day and then we’ll see more in a week .

They weigh 9 pounds as much as our 15 week old foster pup.. The male is the weakest one, he can’t walk on his own . They eat and drink.

They are safe at Rescue Paws Curaçao house now apart from the other 7 dogs (6 fosters) . They will do everything they can to save them, hopefully they make it. ”

Mavi got adopted 10 days after being rescued

Nyka got much better in the center

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