Loyal Dog Runs After The Hears Nenearly 3km To Say The Last Goodbye To His Owner

When the owner was taken to the cemetery for bᴜriаl, this dog followed the hearse for 3km without stopping to rest.

On June 3, a Malaysian old woman dιеd of old age and weak health, and was sent to her final resting place by her descendants, family and neighbors. During the nearly 3km long funeral, a dog chased the convoy all the way to the cemetery.

That dog is named Bobby, which has been raised by the old man and has been with him for many years. Now, when the owner is gone, he is very sad but can’t say it, only knows how to run around at his grandfather’s funeral. Then when they brought him to his final resting place, Bobby also quietly chased the hearse, all the way over 3 km long, determined not to stop.

When the convoy stopped at the cemetery, Bobby was also seen sticking close to the car carrying his owner’s remains, his nose was constantly upturned to search, his mouth was open because of fatigue. A moment later, it ran to lie next to the hole that had been dug, but even if it was chased away, it would not leave it half a step. When the coffin was lowered, it still lay there sadly, as if watching over its master and saying goodbye to him one last time.

It was not until he was comforted and advised by his children that Bobby got up and left to finish the bᴜriаl of his owner. That scene moved everyone to tears, many said that this was the first time in their lives they had seen such a loyal dog.

I don’t know how long it will take Bobby to get over the sadness of losing his owner, but at least he won’t have to live alone for the rest of the days, because the old man’s descendants have decided to bring him back. home to raise and take care of.

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