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Loyal Dog Waits for 4 Days on Bridge in after Seeing His Owner Jumped Off The River

Two women were driving along a Bali street when one of them spotted a dog hiding in a little dog house in front of a left villa. They took a small break to check on the dog, and as they got closer, they could see how badly she was hurting.

She seemed undernourished and had lost the majority of her hair due to scabies, which had made her skin extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable.

They fed her and gave her water while being cautious not to scare her and lead her to flee into oncoming traffic. Before capturing her, they spent the next hour building her trust. When they lifted the puppy, they were astounded to discover her quiet.

It was almost as though she realized she had finally been protected and that these folks were there to help her.

They rushed her to the vet, where it was discovered that she had scabies and an eye infection, both of which were thankfully simple to treat. They then brought her home to care for her in a secure environment while she recovered physically and mentally.

Lucy is the name they selected for their adorable little baby. Lucy’s life is a mystery already, but one thing is certain: the days and years ahead will be all she deserves and more.

She had numerous “firsts” throughout her recovery, including going to the beach and walking on grass. Lucy grew out of her shell and became friendly and kind. She likes receiving hugs and playing with other dogs. A month later, Lucy found her permanent home with a caring couple from Washington, D.C. named Matt and Brianna.

“I think it’s fantastic that she’s so nice, caring, and trusting of us, given all she’s been through,” Brianna added.

Lucy rapidly settled into her new home and became attached to her new parents. She lives the good life and is spoiled on a regular basis. Her transformation is remarkable. See for yourself in the video below, and you can keep up with her adventures on Instagram by going here.

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