Mama Dog Desperately Tries To Save Her Weakest Puppy & The Runt Of Her Litter

So many runt puppies are left abandoned by their mother because the chance of their survival is really low. That wasn’t the case of this baby Labrador. Her mama did everything possible to keep her special puppy alive. Compliments to this baby mama!

Labrador Daisy Duke gave birth to eight puppies, when immediately she became aware that one of her puppies is different. One of her babies was abnormal small and too weak to survive. In many cases many animals abandon straight away the runt of the litter, Daisy made a commitment to move mountains so her puppy maintains alive!

Soon worried Daisy wouldn’t let her Lucy out of her sight.

She would snuggle and feed her separately just to form sure that she isn’t overpowered by her much stronger siblings. While all of her seven siblings would fall asleep, Lucy would always be under her mama’s arms being exceptionally taken care of.

Lucy has been very lucky since her mother dedicated all her attention and power to save her. Experts say that runt babies are geting cut off as the mothers focus in rasing the healthier babies. We hope that Lucy will soon be fully healthy and able to play with her mother and her siblings!

Watch Daisy’s commitment and dedication.

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