Mama Dog Forced To Live Outside In Freezing Cold With Babies Fights To Live

A newborn litter of puppies is something to be celebrated.

Sadly, a rescue group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recently discovered a litter of pups after a tragic circumstance with their mom. Dana McCrory, OK Humane’s President and CEO, reported an animal welfare officer found seven four-week-old pups and brought them to the rescue group. Human neglect led to the death of their mother, as her body was found frozen to death.

“OK Humane has placed the puppies with a skilled neonate foster, and is committed to providing them the care they need until they are old enough for adoption,” McCrory shared in a statement.

Amazingly, although the mother dog did not survive, she provided her babies with enough body heat to stay alive until help arrived on the scene. The first night home with the pups was very hard, the rescue group shared. They were crying and looking for their mom. Eventually, they were coaxed into eating and have been doing well since that time.

“It was evident their mother had done everything she could for them despite her circumstances,” the foster caregiver shared.

As a general rule of thumb, the Humane Society wants all pet owners to keep pets indoors. They say if it is too wet, cold, or windy outside for a person, then the same holds true for personal pets. Animals that do not have shelter and get wet are prone to hypothermia, as is the case in this very sad and tragic story. We wish the pups all our best as they grow up.

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