Man Dedicates His Life To Rescuing Elder Dogs Who Can’t Find A Home

Steve Greig felt very depressed months after his beloved dog passed away. He couldn’t get along with the idea that his canine friend wasn’t with him anymore.

So the kind-hearted man wanted to comfort his grief with a very touching deed. He decided to adopt senior animals to help these animals that are in great need.

The senior animals are in very hopeless condition as no one wants to adopt them. So Steve has become a real hero for them giving them a forever home filled with love and great attention.

The kind man now has ten elder rescue dogs, a pig, a chicken, and a turkey. He is a very busy dad as he has lots of things to do. He wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning to make breakfast for all of them.

As they need various types of food the man has to make different meals. Steve has an Instagram page where he shares the funny photos, videos of these animals. The page has more than 1 million followers and many fans wait impatiently to see what’s going on with the senior animals.

The animals feel safe and sound with their dad. They couldn’t have imagined that their abandoned life in the shelter could become such a wonderful heaven.

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