Man with PTSD “Hated Cats” Until a Little Kitten Changed His Life

A few months ago, he had been diagnosed with PTSD after working as a paramedic and firefighter, he couldn’t sleep without nightmares and often imagined terrible things happening around him.

The residual trauma started to wreak havoc in his private life. He really couldn’t cope, turned to drinking and ruined relationships with his mental turmoil.

While at a party, he didn’t realize his life was about to change completely after one of his friends offered to give him a kitten.

“Hey, my friend has kittens, they’re free! You should take one,” he recalled his friend saying.

He accepted the offer and took the kitty home, stopping off at a pet store for much needed supplies.

Once at home he named the kitty Shiro and googled what he needed to know about caring for a kitten.

Before long they were great friends and TakaBaka went about training Shiro, watched him grow and learn about the world around him.

He says Shiro really helped him through this difficult time and wants to encourage others to listen to people suffering with PTSD or depression.

Shiro definitely helped TakaBaka overcome his demons, this little white kitty came along at just the right time.

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