Meet Pearl, named after the Pearls River in Mississippi. She is by far the most fearful of all the kittens

Meet Pearl, named after the Pearl River in Mississippi. She is by far the most fearful of all the kittens. She will hiss and spit if I make even a single movement, but as soon as I offer some KMR, she’s puddy in my hands! I have a good feeling food is the key to her heart. @windycityfosters said.

Columbia and Pearl watch my every move…

Happy Caturday! We’ve got solid this morning! No call back on the results of the fecal exam, so I’m assuming that means that I’m going to continue with panacur and nothing else. But it seems it’s working so that’s ok!

What’s cuter: Pearl’s floofy belly or her fuzzy white mittens?

Woohoo! Pearl and Rio want to announce that the river kittens are 9 weeks old today and doing great! The coccidia slowed down their growth so they aren’t the normal 2 pounds that a 9 week old kitten should be, but that’s ok! Now that the parasite problem has been fixed, we can work on fattening them up.

My favorite hobby is fishing. But instead of fish, there’s kittens…and instead of a hook, it’s a feather toy.

Rio also approves of Pearl’s spa service!

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