Mother Dog Cries, Insists Hold Her Puppy Back when Seeing Owner Going To Sell It

The Golden Retriever aunt and uncle, as soon as she saw that her dog was about to be taken away, acted very aggressively, hoping that everyone would not take her away.

This article, which was already extremely popular on Daydaynes, has now been re-uploaded by the Chinese online community on Sohu’s pet-loving forum with many sympathetic words.

Accordingly, in China, the pet market is very popular and there we can freely see and choose the dogs we want. This moving story goes like this:

“I went for a walk, and my eyes were met by a pack of Golden Retriever puppies sitting neatly near a man who looked very busy. In particular, is the appearance of the mother dog. I was very curious, went to see and planned to buy one, but what happened next made me extremely surprised.”

The owner of this dog shared that the family’s situation was extremely difficult, but the Golden family also gave birth to 8 more children. Feeling that the economy could not bear it and did not know how to post these puppies online to sell them, he had to bring them to the market to sell.

After the customer carefully selected, he also chose a cute and beautiful puppy that also seems to be very docile. Just when the owner was about to give him the dog and wait to receive the money, the mother dog suddenly lost control and rushed at the guest, constantly barking loudly and showing pleading eyes like “Please don’t bring my baby. Go!”.

This action surprised the people around, but they also quickly understood that the dog did not want to lose her child. Standing there looking at your child being carried away in front of your eyes, how could any living creature bear it? The guest, although very heartbroken, also promised the owner that he would do his best to take good care of this puppy. Because anyway, if you don’t buy it, someone else will. The guest himself is also a lover of cats and dogs, so he will definitely make sure he has a good life.

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