Newly Born & Deserted In Dense Forest, They Cry-Out To A Sympathetic Man

A small group of puppies was found alone in the woods, knocking on death’s door.

Somehow these innocent puppies who belonged with their mother in a safe place, had ended up isolated in the middle of nowhere– without food, water, or shelter.

Their tiny bodies were covered from head to toe with fleas and ticks. The beginning of their life had been cruel and unfair. This all changed once they were found and rescued.

Upon rescue, this group was given food, water, and medical treatment they so desperately needed. They would no longer have to suffer, thanks to their rescuers! What started off as a life filled with heartache has now turned into a life filled with bliss. Especially when someone stepped forward and offered to take them into their home and foster them until they can be adopted.

Their special days are filled with everything they need and want, and in addition– love from their foster mom and playtime with their siblings.

We are so happy that their foster mom can keep their small group whole, at least until they’re old enough to handle life on their own. Young puppies often thrive when kept together for as long as possible. We can’t wait to see them grow up and thrive in their future forever homes.

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