Office Adopts Two Rescue Kittens to Boost Employee Morale

When a small transportation company in Ohio hatched a plan to boost morale in the office, they had no idea that it would go viral on the Internet.

The idea was to adopt two rescue kittens to work alongside the staff of six. Everyone in the office was delighted and when one of them posted a video of the kittens playing with a box, it quickly went viral and the pair became an Internet sensation.

Meet Debit and Credit!

These delightful kitties have become known as the viral office kittens on Reddit and have their own Instagram account with over 48k followers.
(Scroll down for the video)

It all began when the IT department of a transportation company in Ohio hired/rescued two qualified kittens to play with boxes all day.

When you work in the same office and do the same things day after after day, things can become tiresome and monotonous. So they decided to hire/rescue two kittens to keep employee morale high.

The kittens play with boxes all day and that keeps them occupied.

They also love to snuggle up together – best friends right from the start.

The building where they work is small, only six human employees, one of them is allergic to cats but she doesn’t seem to mind.

The office is set up for the cats to stay in at night and they get visits on the weekend for snuggling and playing.

Sounds like a great idea to me, there should be more companies that have the same initiative.

Watch the video that made them an Internet sensation:

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