On her Way Home from School, a ‘Angel’ was Seen Saving a Stray Dog

“Everything occurred so swiftly.” It was an extremely emotional experience.”

Mayane Rodrigues observed something lovely happen outside her apartment window in Brazil last week on a rainy and dismal day.

Rodrigues noticed a little girl halting on the rainy sidewalk while heading home from school from a distance on the street below. She’d put her umbrella down, taken off her bag, and then taken off her jacket.

Rodrigues then observed a drenched stray puppy at the girl’s feet and knew it was all for her.

What occurred next was as follows:

Rodrigues stood there watching as the girl carried the puppy in her arms and walked away. She was like an angel to her.

No one knows for sure how Pretinha ended herself stranded on the pavement that day, but one thing is certain: her future has never looked brighter due to Cibely.

“As parents, we have always been proud of Cibely,” her mother remarked. “But now we’re even more so!” says the narrator.

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