Painful Mother Dog Fights Madly with Venomous Snakes to Avenge Her Pup’s D‌eath

Recently, in India, there was a heartbreaking story of a mother dog when she witnessed a cobra bite her baby to death.

According to posted information, one evening, Bijay Parida, on the outskirts of Bhadrak city in Odisha, India suddenly heard a dog barking continuously, seemingly in a hurry. Feeling that something was wrong, Bijay stood up and walked towards the source of the sound. As he got closer, Mr. Bijay felt even more uneasy because he heard the scary sound of snakes spewing.

When he arrived, Mr. Bijay was startled to find that the family’s pet dog was fighting with a cobra. Next to them are puppies that have just been born not long ago, including two dead puppies.

According to Mr. Bijay, his pet dog has just given birth to 8 puppies, making a nest at the foot of the stairs. Unexpectedly, while the mother dog was out, a cobra stealthily approached the dog’s nest, intending to kill and eat all 8 newborn puppies. However, when only 4 puppies were killed, the cobra was discovered and vehemently prevented by the mother dog.

Although she knew that it was dangerous and she could lose her life because of the venom, the mother dog was not afraid, she faced the uncompromising cobra, trying to protect the lucky puppies. living.

Seeing the dangerous situation, Mr. Bijay decided to call the snake catcher Mirza Arif for help. It is known that in the process of catching snakes, the mother dog constantly attacked the dead enemy who bit her child to death.

Finally, the snake catcher also successfully controlled the poisonous snake, unfortunately, 4 puppies were also bitten to death by snakes.

Seeing the dead children who had not yet opened their eyes were bitten by poisonous snakes, the mother dog’s face showed pain and sadness, making many people feel pity and sympathy.

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