Polish charity worker goes to Ukraine to rescue a.ban.doned Pets

Konrad is among a handful of staff from an animal shelter close to the Polish-Ukrainian (bo.rder) which has been flooded with calls from [des.perate] Ukrainians asking for help.

Since the [outbr.eak of ho.stilities], Konrad and his colleagues from the animal charity Dioz have rescued more than 100 cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and even a chameleon….

Konrad said: We have been involved in many rescue missions over there, rescuing animals that we have been told about or who have been taken to shelters.
We collect every animal we find and bring them back to our shelter to be looked after. Some of the animals we get are so [we.ak] and undernourished there is nothing we can do for them it’s very [distre.ssing].

The animals that are successfully [tre.ated] are put up for adoption but others have asked for their pets to be kept safe until the ( is over.
Authorities in Poland have made it possible for [refu.gees] fl.eeing with their pets to enter the country without [va.ccinations], microchip and (bl.ood test), …

You are a hero thankyou for your kindness to the animals wishing you all safety✝️❤❤ You have a very kind heart.❤️

Thank you to all the people involved in the rescue of these dear little animals who must be so [con.fused and fr.ightened] by what is happening around them.
May God protect you all in this. Very worthwhile cause…!❤️❤🙏

God Bless you for saving those [po.or] animals through no [fa.ult] of their own, we’re le.ft behind.🙏🙏🙏

Watch the video below:

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