Poor Homeless Puppy Being Abused Till Losing Both Legs, Looks People With Hopeless Eyes

Animal Aid Unlimited was contacted to assist a stray puppy who was unable to stand. When she could, the girl’s neighbor fed and cared for her, but her leg was swelled and she had a wound on her head.

She knew she needed assistance, but she didn’t know where to look for it.

Thankfully, rescuers arrived to help her relax while transporting her back to the animal hospital for a deeper examination. Her leg had been fractured, and she was terrified and afraid of what would happen next.

To begin, they gave the dog some pain relievers.

They then applied a splint to her leg and dressed her wound before advising her to relax. As the pain lessened, her mood improved a little, but the anxious look in her huge puppy eyes remained. Only one thing remained for them to accomplish, and you should see Suzie right now!

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