Poor Woman’s Paralyzed Dog Is Taken Away & She Collapsed To The Floor In Tears

When our dogs get older or get sick, our responsibilities do not change.

Time and time again, we see stories about dog owners “exchanging” their old dogs for puppies. And sick dogs being dumped because the owner doesn’t want to bother with veterinary care or they can’t afford it.

There is never a reason to abandon a dog. In this story, a dog named Bong, began life like most dogs do: Healthy and active. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, his back legs gave out and he could no longer use them. Instead of getting him the help he needs, his owner dumped him inside a cardboard box!

A kind older lady heard his cries. She ran to the box and saved him! The woman they refer to as “Grandma” in the town because she’s the elder, decided she would care for him even though she is quite poor. She fed him from her own food. She made him a bed out of a box and lots of blankets. She also carted him around town so he would get fresh air. She loves Bong so much!

When Bong wanted to get around on his own, Grandma made him special bandages and used a soft blanket on his legs so he wouldn’t get injured. That was all she could do for him but it was a lot more than his owners ever did!

Grandma loved Bong so much that she wouldn’t even go to sleep at night until Bong was tucked in nearby and fell asleep first!

One day, a group of volunteers came by. They had heard about Bong and Grandma and wanted to bring them some gifts. Bong got a brand new bed and some yummy dog food. They also gave him some new toys. Then they gave Grandma the best gift!

They told Grandma that they found a medical center that would help Bong at no charge to her. She nor Bong should have to suffer just because she didn’t have much money. Grandma cried!

Bong went with his new friends, and Grandma, to his new doctor. He had a doggy MRI. The results were excellent! The scans showed that he had myelitis, which in 70% of cases is curable!

The only downside was that Bong would need extensive treatment and physical therapy. He would need to stay at the hospital so he could get better. Grandma knew that this was the best thing for Bong but she would miss him so much. She cried as she hugged him goodbye.

With daily therapy, Bong begins to improve. He’s easily won over all the staff with his sweet disposition. First, Bong is able to walk…

Every time Bong progressed, they called Grandma. Then Grandma came for a visit. Seeing Bong doing so well made Grandma so happy. She couldn’t wait to hug him and tell him what a good boy he is! The caregivers show Grandma what to do at home to help his legs.

Bong is so happy to show off for Grandma and then he gives her the biggest hug.

A special guest comes to see Bong next. In our first story about Bong, we spoke about his best friend, or rather his girlfriend. She comes to see him next! Before treatment, Bong would look so sad that he couldn’t play with his girlfriend but now he can chase her around. He’s so happy!

Bong is so happy to go home! Grandma gives him his welcome home gift. A new harness! Now that she doesn’t have to cart him around, he gets a new harness to walk beside her!

Bong continues to improve. It’s still too early to neuter him but that’ll be the vet’s next step once Bong’s nerves regenerate a bit more and his muscles get stronger.

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