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Pregnant Dog Lost Her 11 Puppies from a Car Accident

Animal life around us is always unlucky. But that bad thing came in a situation that everyone found heartbreaking. A heartbreaking story shared by AnimalSTEP.

“She was found dying on the side of the road. She was unable to move and her whole body was covered by wounds. Broken leg and terribly bruised underside…

She was pregnant and her condition was bad. She was rushed to a vet clinic but sadly, they could not save her babies. The vets performed c-sections to save her and removed the baby puppies from her belly. All 11 puppies died in her belly, it’s so heartbroken.

The mama dog is safe and she underwent a great recovery. She was so sad, desperate to lose her babies. But she keeps fighting for life and she was so calm. She gains her spirit and feels much better little by little.

She’s able to walk and started to forget all the bad world. She’s now in a loving shelter to continue her recovery. May all her babies Rest in Peace and be Born again new world! Huge thank you to everyone involved in rescuing this sweet soul.”

VIDEO Her Rescue Story Will Melt Your Heart

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