Pregnant Stray Injured By A Car Gets Ignored For A Week

Stray dogs face many difficulties and struggles. One of the nightmare scenarios that stray dogs are at risk of, is getting hit by a car.

A lot of the time it can be fatal, but sometimes, it can just result in awful and painful injuries. One dog was facing a difficult situation after she was knocked down by a car.

It was believed that the pooch – named Mia – was hit by a drowsy driver while she was walking in the street. As a result, she sustained a terrible injury to her leg.

The poor dog had a dangling leg that meant she couldn’t properly walk. Because of the leg injury, Mia was forced to crawl around for nearly a week in search of food – all while she was pregnant!

Given her state, things were not looking good for her. Luckily, Mia wasn’t doomed to spend the rest of her days injured on the street. Someone alerted a rescue, and that is when Alina arrived to help Mia.

She managed to get the dog to safety where she was assessed by the vets. And that is also where they made the startling discovery that Mia was going to be a mama. They knew that it was a race against time in order to get Mia to a healthy state so that she could care for her pups.

Given that Mia’s injuries were a broken foot as well as a crushed and displaced ankle, the recovery wasn’t going to be straightforward and easy. She required surgery to fix her injuries.

Mia pulled through with the help of her surgeon, just in time for the birth of her pups.

The mama dog healed nicely and was able to use both her front legs. We’re happy to see that this little family managed to have a happy ending.

Watch the video below:

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