Puppies And Mother Dog Wandering On The Street With Severe Skins Disease, Shaking In Frozen And Scared

Hosu_uuuuuun a Korean non profit organisation of animal rescue got a call for help from a local people about 2 puppies severe skin disease wandering on the street. The two of them were stuck together under the car and It was raining a lot too.

The skin disease is more serious than they thought There are too many grass and mosquitoes there.


The poor puppies were very hungry and so scared to people! The rescue team searched around and found a mother dog limp on the street, so scared too!

How much more hurt and painful these children with their messy skin will be from rain in the rainy season.

“At tonight, temporary two puppies stay at the small shell, we give to them foods and water. We still not reach and catch the mother yet, she’s so scared and try to hide away us!” Said A volunteer
At the morning with the help of many people, the mother was rescued safely. The rescuers and the capture team worked hard in the cold weather!


At the Vet treatment, According to the doctor, 4 weeks of isolation and hospitalization are necessary.

The little puppy boy named Haetal, severe mange and in treatment everyday, and little puppy girl name Seongkal. With sharp teeth and so scared, alway try to hide in the corner away people. The mother name Banya, so scared and severe skin disease!

Ten day later Both puppies and mother dog is getting better. Skins healing and hair growing. The boy Haetal so friendly and no more scared but the mother and the girl still very scared.

After one month in the hospital the three angels are fully healthy, and they will be discharged from the hospital. The boy Haetal wanders around the hospital like a playground. The girl Seongkal will be adopted to new happy family.

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