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Puppies Care In 4 Best Ways

Newborn puppies are the period that needs the most care. If you have a pack of newborn dogs about to be born, this article will help you gain more experience in taking care. Follow Begy‘s article to know how to take care of puppies in the best four ways!

Puppies Care In 4 Best Ways
Puppies Care In 4 Best Ways

Taking care of newborn dogs with mother’s milk

Lying next to the mother and breastfeeding is essential when a new puppy is born. Breast milk contains many antibodies that help puppies fight off diseases. Let the puppy suckle colostrum because colostrum includes a lot of vitamins and proteins, a high amount of magnesium, and antioxidants such as enzymes and hormones. These substances confer immunity to infectious diseases for puppies.

Puppies Care In 4 Best Ways
Puppies need to be breastfed when they are born

You should be aware: Most puppies can die prematurely because they are not breastfed within 24 hours. So, when just born, give the puppy breast milk to maintain its life and development.

Care by prevention

Respiratory diseases and digestive disorders are the top 2 most common conditions when puppies are born. Therefore, disease prevention is one of the indispensable ways to care for newborn puppies.

Puppies, after birth, should take Biosutin 2 times/day, 2-4 drops each time. Biosutin is effective against symptoms of bloating, flatulence, excess milk, milk inflammation, and digestive disorders in puppies.

The surrounding environment affects the breathing of the newly born dog a lot. So you need to clean change the bearing every 1-2 hours. It would help if you cleaned the nipples for the mother dog every 4 hours is best. This helps newborn puppies suckle without affecting the respiratory system.

Nutritional supplements

Supplementing nutrients for newborn puppies is essential and essential.

Puppies Care In 4 Best Ways
Give the puppy extra hot milk from the outside with a rubber nipple

Newborn puppies from 5-10 days old can give them extra hot milk from the outside with a dummy. After one month, it can provide more fiber and vitamins found in vegetables. You should divide food into many meals a day for puppies, about every 2-3 hours, give a meal. Especially do not give the puppy too much food. This will affect the puppy’s digestion.

Don’t forget to vaccinate your puppy on a schedule.

When your puppy is four weeks old, vaccinating your pet is the right time. They are pretty weak and need sun exposure to the body during this time. Therefore, you should take it to a veterinary facility and follow your doctor’s instructions. This helps to promote the best health and fitness development for your dog.

Suggested vaccination schedule for dogs

Vaccinating your dog is the best way to help your pet prevent dangerous, incurable, and infectious diseases.

Injection 1

  • During 6-8 weeks of age, injection after weaning off breast milk.
  • Vaccine 5 diseases: Care virus, Parvovirus, Infectious hepatitis, Kennel cough, Lung flu.

Injection 2

  • Time 10 – 12 weeks old (Note that the vaccination schedule for dogs should not be given earlier than three weeks and later than four weeks since the first injection).
  • Vaccine 7 diseases: Similar to nose five diseases, adding Lepto, Corona.

Injection 3

  • Time: 14 – 16 weeks (The vaccination schedule for dogs should not be given earlier than three weeks and more than four weeks late since the second dose).
  • Vaccine 7 diseases.

Rabies vaccination for dogs

  • 13 month period.
  • Rabies vaccination is not related to previous vaccinations.
  • Repeat rabies vaccination each year.

Suggestions for vaccination schedule for puppies born at home

  • Vaccinate puppies 30 days after birth.
  • After 7-8 weeks of vaccination with six doses of the first combination.
  • After 11-12 weeks, give a second booster.
  • Vaccinate against five diseases when they are 25, 45, and 70 days old.
  • Please give them a rabies vaccine once a year for dogs three months and older.

Suggest vaccination schedule for puppies bought from other places

  • It is recommended to buy a dog 2.5 months old or older, has medical records, and has been vaccinated.
  • If it is not clear, re-inject according to the newborn dog’s course.
  • If you have had two injections, you can get the 3rd injection.
  • Newly purchased adult dogs should also be vaccinated.
  • Repeat injection once a year.
  • When the dog is about 7-8 months old, the dog should be vaccinated against rabies and repeated once a year.

Note when vaccinating dogs.

Schedule vaccinations for dogs only when they are entirely healthy. If the health condition is weak, it will cause the dog to go into shock or have many side effects. Even endanger your pet’s life.

This article is the most basic and shared information to help you take care of a newborn puppy. Hopefully, this article will be a valuable source of information to help you take care of the health of your newly born puppies. Let’s look forward to the necessary and exciting knowledge in Begy‘s following articles!

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