Puppy Born Without Eyes, Ears, Nose And With Two Tongues In Piauí

The rare malformation of a puppy left the population of Piauí intrigued and an expert explains the reason for this condition.

Bruno Souza, who lives in Parnaíba, Piauí, had an unusual surprise. During the delivery of her puppy, one of the four puppies was born without eyes, ears, nose and with two tongues, victim of a rare malformation.

“My mom came home after work around 10am and didn’t find the dog. Then she saw that she had dug a hole and had three female cubs. When I got home at noon, the dog was lying in the living room and I noticed something coming out of her. Realized it was another pup and ran to film, I’ve never seen a puppy birth before. When he started to leave, I already saw something different”, Bruno told G1.

The curious fact was clarified by the professor of Veterinary Medicine and specialist in neonatology Tânia Cavalcante.

“Possibly it is genetic mutations, chromosomal abnormalities and the prenatal environment that can cause these malformations. It is mainly related to genetic abnormalities, or possibly caused by the presence of toxins that affect brain development, still in intrauterine life,” explained the teacher to G1.


Due to malformation and breathing difficulties minutes after birth, the calf died, leaving the family saddened. The other puppies are doing fine.

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