Poor Dogs

Puppy that wandered with exposed bones and a ravenous mange, hid a being of light

Did you know that some of the most delicate dog breeds that exist are coincidentally those that have bare skin? You are right. Such is the delicacy of these little animals that some even recommend putting sunscreen on their body and not letting them get too much sun, especially in the summer.

Now, imagine an animal with these characteristics living on the streets at the mercy of dirt, humidity, mites and other parasites such as fleas or ticks. Possibly now you understand the tragedy that Rockstar had to live through.

The unfortunate state of Rockstar moved its rescuers

Clearly this little dog had better days, but his rescuers knew nothing about him . We are not sure if he ran away from home, if he was abandoned due to neglect or if he got lost, the fact is that Rockstar ended up on the streets, until he became a little animal that was really very bad.

He was wandering the streets, emaciated and with a ravenous mange , when some people wanted to help by contacting the rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited, people who have really worked miracles for hundreds of abandoned pets on the streets of India.

Animal Aid Unlimited came across a dog that was dying from an extreme case of mange . The poor guy didn’t even look like a dog from certain angles. He was terrified of being touched and ran away from people who got too close.

It is likely that the reason for Rockstar’s distrust was not only having encountered the cruelty of certain people, but also the pain caused by the deep lesions on his skin due to scabies, it was a more than good excuse to avoid contact with anyone.

Rescuers had no choice but to capture the dog in a net . It was the only way to save his life.

Back at the hospital, he seemed to realize that he was being helped and began to learn to trust . He was given intravenous fluids and medication and was given treatment for scabies that would take a month or more.

He ate something and felt much better after a cool medicated bath . You will imagine that the reason why he was baptized with the name of Rockstar was because of the plume that he has on his back and around his neck, as if it were a unique fur coat.

You can’t imagine the relief and satisfaction that comes from seeing Rockstar completely healthy . His skin has regenerated and in his eyes what you can find is the most complete happiness and the most genuine gratitude.

Look how happy he looks now! It is evident that life gave him the best of smiles by giving him a second chance

After much love and care, an innocent pup that was found in so much pain is now alive and well thanks to these rescuers. Share Rockstar’s cute rescue on your networks!

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