Ravaged By Unfair Life, He Withers Away As She Hears The Softest Whimpers

We will never understand what would possess a human being to harm an animal. Or to ignore one. However, with each story like this one, we work to raise awareness for the many rescue organizations that are struggling to stay afloat. Word-of-mouth donations are everything!

This is Stud’s story. He lived a horrible life. When his rescuers found him, they believe his owners had multiple dogs who were not properly fed or cared for.

Stud was dumped in a garbage bag on the streets in a busy city in Egypt. When a Good Samaritan found him near death, he contacted HOPE – Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation.

The kind woman stayed with Stud until the rescuers came. She gave him some chicken and some water. He tried to eat but couldn’t because he was too weak.

When rescuers arrived, they were devastated by Stud’s condition. His health was critical, and he couldn’t stand.
They carried him to their car and took him straight to the vet. He was dehydrated and malnourished, as the vet confirmed.

Stud also had deep dog bites all over his body. What happened to this poor boy? Was it dogfight related? Were the other dogs simply starving and didn’t know what to do? Stud also had mange and an eye problem that needed to be treated right away.

For his well-being, Stud became a temporary resident at Pets Valley Maadi Branch. He can receive the best medical care there. Stud has a long road ahead of him, but he continues to show his caregivers that he wants to live.

He’s motivated to eat, which is an excellent sign. He also enjoys cuddling. They’re all wondering if he’s ever been shown kindness or love… Take a look at him! He now has enough energy to stand and take short walks. This is a huge deal!

As Stud continued to improve (YAY!), with excellent medical treatment through donations, he was ready to go onto his foster home. He’ll require weekly vet visits, but being in a home is best for his spirit.

It took an entire year for Stud to get a clean bill of health. His foster mother is overjoyed, as are all of his caregivers and rescuers! The best news of all is that Stud has found a forever home in America!

Stud landed on American soil! He’s officially adopted! The dog that was discarded like trash, like he was worthless, is now headed into the best life imaginable. His new family is overjoyed to have him.

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