Rescue Homeless Dog Suffers From Horrific Skin Warts Full Of His Body

In the province of Chonburi, this unfortunate homeless dog was discovered walking alone on the side of the road.

He was alone, afflicted by dreadful warts that covered his entire body.

He had been suffering from the agony and sickness for months. A volunteer delivered him to a vet facility just in time after receiving a call from an animal lover.

Because it’s a type of cancer, the vet was taken aback when they first saw him…

And if no one had rescued him, he would have perished… they treated him for pain and began to remove warts from his body.

The warts were collapsing every day, but the poor dog required chemo as well…

After only five months at the vet’s office receiving the best medical treatment and loving care, he made an incredible recovery…

He is now completely recovered and living in his new forever home.

Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to fund his medical expenses.

He would not have survived and would not be alive now if it hadn’t been for your love…

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