Rescue Neglected Dog Was Covered by Millions of Giant Ticks Made Him Collapsed

This is Valentino! He was lying very sadly on the street with a terrible condition. He was abandoned in a corner in Maracaibo to let it die there full of ticks, Millions of huge ticks were covering and attacking him.

Valentino was found by MANADA GLOBAL PETS TRAVEL and they took him imediately to their clinic.

His prognosis is reserved, he’s very bad, his mucous membranes are super pale, the number of ticks is impressive.

Valentino will be in the clinic for a long time, until his values ​​will stable and he can have a calmer life, when he walks he gets tired very quickly, he gets dizzy and fatigued.

“Seeing him in clear recovery gives us a lot of joy, but we still feel so much pain, anger and impotence to see how they abandoned him to die alone in that corner.” Said Alicia Jiménez

One week later, Valentino overcome a difficult times.

“He sat alone next to my husband @juls_aleman looking for his caresses and little by little he relaxed and lay down under him.” Said Alicia Jiménez

Nothing justifies such damage and mistreatment, we ask and demand JUSTICE, THE FULL WEIGHT OF THE LAW! For the one who let him put in this state and abandoned him with the intention of killing him.

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