Rescue Puppy Raised by Cats Now Thinks He’s a Cat

Have you ever met a dog before that was raised by cats?

Bethany Castiller and her family visited their local shelter one day with the idea of adopting a dog.

A puppy named Mako caught their eye and they must’ve caught his eye too because he immediately let them know that he wanted to go home with them.

This family already had two cats, Pecan and Gizmo, but the shelter assured them he was cat friendly.

They all had a good feeling about this puppy and felt confident that Mako would get along with them so decided to take him home.

dog and cat

Well they weren’t wrong about the cats, and as you can see they weren’t wrong about Mako.

Here’s the three of them chowing down together!

But it didn’t take long for the family to realise that this friendly puppy did more than just “get along” with them, he started to behave like them!

Could it be because of all the time that he spent with these kitties that he actually started to believe that he was a cat too?

Here he is hanging out with Pecan catching rays…


And some serious office time with Gizmo…

He never barks and most of his favourite things are all cat activities, especially climbing onto surfaces and hanging out.

So yes, he is being raised by cats – there’s no denying it!

The family think it’s really funny when they walk into a room and there he is sitting on top of the cupboard.

rescue puppy

Mako is a delightful dog that obviously thinks he’s a cat!

Watch the videos:

Mako is definitely different from other dogs but that doesn’t stop his family loving him to bits.

You can visit his Instagram page here

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