Rescued, the dog does an action that makes everyone’s heart hurt

That scene made many people unable to hold back their tears…

During one time out, this young man happened to see a very bulky-looking truck, on top of it was full of iron cages that were holding a lot of dogs of all kinds.

Looking at those poor animals crammed inside those cages, the young man felt extremely sorry. So when the car stopped in front of him, he called to ask the driver.

As it turned out, the other dogs were all purchased by this person from many places and were about to be brought to the market to be sold.

rescue dogs
rescue dogs

Despite saying that, when the boy asked about his background, the other party refused to give a clear answer.

This person just said that out of the dogs here, there is only one Golden dog that was sold by the owner because it was too naughty.

Hearing that, the young man immediately noticed the Golden uncle with very prominent yellow fur, obediently lying in a cramped cage.

Its face showed a gloomy and resentful expression, especially its eyes shining with despair that made people feel heartache.

Seeing such a pitiful dog, the young man, because he couldn’t bear it, offered to buy it back.

However, because he had to go at that moment, he could only save the phone number and address of the seller and then quickly leave.

By the time he finished his work, it was already dark, even so, the young man still arranged to go to the address the seller gave him earlier.

When he arrived, he realized that all the other dogs had been sold, only the Golden dog remained.

So the young man began to negotiate the price and quickly put down money with the dog seller.

But just when he was about to bring the dog home, he witnessed a very touching scene.

rescue dogs
rescue dogs

Perhaps because he knew he was about to be taken home by a kind owner, the other Golden dog couldn’t help but shed tears.

Seeing the stream of tears rolling down and its grateful gaze, the young man couldn’t help but choke.

Perhaps before having a relationship with him, this dog had to go through an extremely difficult journey since being abandoned by its previous owner.

Hopefully in the future, that dog will have a happier and happier life with his new owner.

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