Running out of milk to feed her pups, poor mama dog folds hands everyday to beg food

In this story, he said that recently, he often caught sight of a stray dog wandering on the road that he used to go home every time he got home from work, it was amazing that every time someone passed by, he this dog will ‘kneel down’ constantly begging for food.

Wild dog “kneels down” every day to beg for food.

The guy was curious and the next day he brought out a sausage for this wild dog because he thought it was too hungry, so he did. Sure enough, when he saw the sausage, he was overjoyed and accepted this delicious sausage. However, it did not eat right there, but put it in its mouth, then turned and walked away.

Curious about the dog’s strange behavior, the guy sneaked along and surprisingly, the last destination of this wild dog was an abandoned house nearby, even more surprised when there were 5 little puppies, looks like they were born not too long ago. The wild dog saw a stranger and was quite worried, resolutely protecting the 5 small dogs.

It turned out that this was the mother dog, because it had just given birth to 5 puppies, due to lack of food, lack of milk, so it came up with a unique but very effective way of “begging for food”.

Seeing that, the guy brought the dogs to a safer and cleaner place as well as called for a lot of help from people in the area. Watching these little dogs grow up, healthy, playfully playful makes everyone happy.

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