Cat Safety

Safety for cat know with 5 rules

Safety for cat that not everyone knows but it is always a top priority for dog and cat owners,

Keep drugs and chemicals out of reach of cats

Cats is like children, they are very intelligent and can play in the most unexpected places. In the bathroom, on the kitchen table, etc. may contain cleaning agents or chemicals that are toxic to cats , so keep these products out of the reach of cats as much as possible.

Don’t share food

A lot of people like to share food with cats. Although this is a loving gesture, the owner needs to be careful with some foods that are not good even causing grapes, mushrooms, raw potatoes, coffee, chocolate, alcohol , xylitol, cherries, currants, rhubarb and apple seeds.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid Cat Safety the above foods, because cats are much smaller than humans, so even a small amount is extremely dangerous. If the cat eats a lot, it will not be able to use it and the food will be difficult to digest.

Grow ornamental plants that are not poisonous or harmful

Cats do not stand near poisonous plants

Most ornamental plants are safe for cat, but you also need to be careful with some plants. For example, plants commonly grown in homes and gardens such as cypress, oleander, narcissus, rhododendron, hyacinth, hyacinth, tulip, and perennial can be harmful to your pet.

Therefore, cat owners need to avoid leaving these plants in the house to prevent risks. The plants carry many dangerous toxins and these rules apply to many types of cats. You should use and learn the characteristics of each type to ensure safety for cat.

Hiding power cords

Cats can chew on open electrical cords, so it’s best to hide them behind furniture, under rugs, and out of sight. With electrical wires going in the room or connecting from one device to another, it is necessary to use a plastic tray to Safety for cat.

To hide charging cords for phones, computers or other portable electronic devices, you can buy or make a charging case. If your cat is unlucky enough to hit the wires, the risk of electric shock and damage to appliances in the house is very high. This is not safe for cat and fire explosion.



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